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Other Services

Full Service Care

For pets who need additional care, we offer:

  • Flexible scheduling – when your pet is ill, no long waits to get an appointment.
  • A fully equipped dental suite with digital dental x-ray, high speed dental unit and the ability to perform bonded sealants
  • Ultrasound to do emergency scans and pregnancy checks
  • Hospitalization with treatments such as IV fluids, IV medications and other care as needed
  • A radiology suite with digital x-rays

Therapeutic Care

We also offer a healing touch with:

  • Therapeutic Laser Treatments for surgical incisions, wounds, lick granulomas, arthritis and other conditions
  • Multi-modal pain management options for painful pets

Extended Services

  • Eye examinations including: pressure checks (Tonopen), tear testing and staining for ulcers.
  • Blood pressure screening
  • ECG testing (rhythm of the heart) with optional telemedicine consultation with cardiologist (Cardiopet)
  • Allergy testing and treatment
  • A full in-hospital laboratory with ability to check your pets complete blood count, chemistry, urinalysis, cytology (for skin lumps and problems with skin and ears) and fecal sample the same day.
  • A fully stocked pharmacy for your pet’s medication needs
  • Prescription shampoos and other products for your pet’s skin needs
  • Prescription nutritional and health supplements
  • Food – Prescription Diets from Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Purina
  • Retail Products including Feliway, Adaptil, pet toothpaste and dental chews, Pill Pockets, low calorie pet treats and more

Veterinary Services Near You

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