General Surgery Consent

Surgical/Anesthetic Options: Please initial your choice for each option.

Laser Surgery: We have the ability to use a surgical laser rather than a scalpel blade for most routine procedures. This may decrease bleeding, swelling, and postoperative pain.

Therapeutic Laser Treatment: This treatment can be performed on your pet’s incision(s) postoperatively to reduce pain and aid in the healing process on a cellular level. (Not used on any growth removals)

Microchip Permanent Identification: A microchip is a means of permanent identification that is implanted under the skin. If your pet is lost, your pet may be reconnected with you via the use of a chip scanner (most veterinary clinics, shelters and rescue organizations have one of these scanners).

E-Collar (Cone to keep the patient from licking):

Sedative to go home

Consent for Anesthesia/Sedation and Surgery

I, the undersigned, am the owner or authorized agent of the pet listed below, and am at least 18 years of age. I elect to
have this pet undergo the anesthetic and surgical procedure listed below, and declare that I understand the procedure along
with associated benefits and risks (up to and including death) as outlined above, and I have had the opportunity to have my
questions regarding the procedure answered.

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